Many think that a greeting card is just a piece of cardboard with a pretty picture, and does not need much effort or costs to create. Books or calendars, of course, seem to be a different story.

But in reality, a greeting card is an extremely complicated polygraphic product – each of those little cards goes through a number of various machines and tens of trained hands.

Luckily, we have both the modern technological equipment, and the most talented of hands! As part of the group of companies “Art and Design”, the Kaluga Polygraphic Plant “Karton-Polygraph” is a state of the art facility with over 60 years of history and an equally long tradition of manufacturing printing high quality printing products. Since 1947, the Plant produced the packaging for domestic perfumes, and in 1999 joined the group companies of Art and Design. This is how we became the only greeting card company in Russia, and one of the very few around the word, which has its own polygraphic production.

Immediately thereafter we began investing in the newest printing equipment. Since then, the total investments in new machinery, production equipment, and training of personnel have been over US dollars. Today, the printing company produces over 135 million greeting cards per year. Their quality is on par with that of the best European and American greeting cards. In addition, the plant produces custom packaging and covers for notebooks, albums and diaries.

Professionals of the trade, who truly love the greeting cards are employed at the Kaluga polygraphic plant. For example, in order for engraving to appear on the greeting card—a special type of embossing—an engraver, artist of metals with years of experience, works on it for two whole days. Like a true sculptor, he creates a unique shape, working through the smallest details of the image. Beautifully tied ribbons, sparkling glitter and flowers, blooming upon opening of the card—are results of painstaking work by artists of manual assembly. This cannot be done by any machine!

The warmth and passion of human hands and the heart can be felt in our greeting cards!

Full-scale modern equipment includes: 
Printing Machines:
6-colours offset printing machine ROLAND 706 LV HIPRINT
4-colours offset printing machine HEIDELBERG SPEEDMASTER SM 74 -4 + VD
4-colours offset printing machine HEIDELBERG SPEEDMASTER CD 102-4-L-UV
UV varnishing and screen printing:
Sheet-Fed Screen Printing Press Model SC-102АII, SAKURAI/TRUMAX
Sheet-Fed Screen Printing Press Model SC-102DX, SAKURAI/DORN
Finishing equipment:
Embossing and die cutting:
Folding and gluing:
Thermographic machines:
SUNRAISE HP 15 - 2 machines
Automatic lines for assembling paper gift bags:
ZEMBO ZET 960 –3 machines
Automatic laminators – 2 machines
Equipment for assembling calendars:
Automatic stitcher – LB-700 – 2 machines
Puncher LP-500
Calendar binding machine WIRE-O 700 mm
…and many others.