It seems that these days there is a greeting card for every imaginable occasion….
But sometimes it happens that a company wants to express itself or its approach to a partner, and then, something special is really needed. For example, you are pumping oil or producing bricks, and the greeting card shows pictures of flowers and kittens. That doesn’t quite work!
This is exactly why Art Exclusive was added to Art and Design Group in 2004. Art Exclusive works with corporate clients, and can custom create just about any greeting card for any corporate customer. Need to develop your idea further? Easy! Create unusual details and finish? No problem! Print any amount in any quality? It’s done!
Employees of Art Exclusive are real professionals: patiently listening, advising, calculating, doing, patiently listen to new wishes, redoing, and will stop at nothing to achieve exactly what you are looking for. Besides greeting cards, they will work with you to develop a stylish business calendar and beautiful bags with your logos. The perfect gift is ready to go!
Today, our corporate clients include large oil and gas companies, banks, mobile telephone services and government structures. And this is all because we put our heart and soul into what we do!