NANO Greeting Cards

Just imagine: you open a greeting card, and inside…are the sounds of the greatest hits, delightful dancing characters, shining stars, a barman fixing a drink, fizzy cocktails, and paparazzi snapping pictures! Art and Design presents NANO-cards! These are super modern greeting cards with music, lighting effects, moving characters, sensory elements and funky original texts.

NANO-cards by themselves or in a duet with you are capable of many great things…
NANO-singers sing the best hits of the planet.
NANO-flashers create a real sound and light show in 3D!
NANO-shakers hold amusing character that move and dance.
NANO-pullers sing your greetings—all you need is to pull a monkey, kitten or a puppy on their chin!
NANO-touchers allow you to step into the role of a cool DJ or stroke a body builder hunk to listen to his greetings!
NANO-stories tell you a whole story in one card!
NANO envelopes play celebratory music, and make the sounds of pouring beer as soon as the recipient opens the envelope!

You just NEEDO to buy NANO!