Me To You

Once upon a time, one very pleasant teddy bear was left on the street. It was winter, when cold wind was blowing and snow was falling. Teddy bear was cold, his nose turned blue, and his fur became gray. He was sad and lonely. But a miracle has happened! On one sunny day, a little girl found a teddy bear and brought him home, and his gnandma fixed him up. This teddy bear, he was not the best, but he sure was special. And he was lucky, because this little girl, she loved him more than anything in the world. She called him Tatty Teddy. And so his story began...

Now this wonderful teddy bear became a favourite of millions of people. Everyone knows him - from 0 to 8, and from 8 to 80. And we are the exclusive licensees and distributors of this super popular brand!

We`ve got «Me to You» greeting cards for any occasion and for any reason, and even 3D: here is the one with teddy relaxing in a bath, holds a tea party in a cup, munching on cakes, playing ball and having a birthday party with his friends... What a choice! And for anyone who wants to be with Tatty Teddy all year round we even have magnets, and calendars, and mugs, and envelopes, and wrapping paper, and gift bags. We are so inspired by our teddy we just can`t stop!

And even that is not enough! As exclusive distributors, we have all kinds of Tatty Teddy stuff: plush toys, trinkets and much more. You can`t have enough of «Me to You»!

And all of that is because Tatty Teddy is so good, it makes any product a great gift. After all, a cozy grey fur with cute patches, his cute little blue nose and a 100% of love are great for all tastes!