Special cards for special people.

Modern, exquisite design, luxury grade cardboard, trims of foil, ribbons, feathers and glitter—until now there was nothing quite like it on the Russian market! In 2008, the company Art and Design created the new brand of greeting cards, “From Heart to Heart”. The greeting card became not just a formality, but a part of the gift. The appearance of the line “From Heart to Heart” met exactly the people’s desire to buy elegant and stylish greeting cards, putting in them a little bit of their own heart. This line opened the curtain into the world of designer selections and images, and instantly became a hit.

Each year, Art and Design updates the collection “From Heart to Heart”—for New Year’s, St. Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, and also the everyday collections, “Happy Birthday”, as well as cards for no specific occasion. Their concise and original texts can help make an exquisite compliment, express support, declaration of love, can surprise, amuse… Each greeting card from the series “From Heart to Heart” is full of live emotions and is a real work of art!