Geez, all those business meetings, conferences, presentations--- you never know what to expect from them and what will come out in the end!

In 2006, a manager of the British company Paper Moon came to visit Art and Design. Only at the end of the meeting did she show us the adorable teddy bear with a big pink button on his belly: “and this is our new character, his name is Fizzy Moon.”

She should have started from there! Once we took the little teddy guest in our hands, he was impossible to resist!

Art and Design signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the British company; and soon enough, the first teddy bears appeared in Moscow stores.

Sentimental, humorous, clumsy, naïve and kind hearted, Fizzy Moon became such a favorite of both kids and adults, that Art and Design decided to introduce a whole line of gifts under this brand. These included teddy bears of all sizes, mugs, paper, ceramic and plastic magnets, candles, picture frames, photo holders, photo albums, key chains, mobile phone accessories, stickers, paper gift bags and calendars.

And now, all that is cute, funny, festive and the mostest most delightful has its very own name—Fizzy Moon!