Once, a maid found an old grandpa’s sweater in the attic. She brought it down and laid it on the rocking chair by the fireplace.
The sweater dried by the fire and the yarn fluffed up. Right away, she let down the sweater, took her needles and started to knit. First, a kind little muzzle with a soft brown nose and pointy ears appeared. Then came the paws, the body, and a short stubby tail. The single button was sewn on the tummy. This is how Boofle was born.

We have greeting cards with Boofle for any occasion—for birthdays, New Year’s, Women’s Day, St. Valentine’s Day and weddings. For mom or dad, girlfriend, cool guy, or a beloved sweetheart--- everyone loves Boofle!

Today Boofle lives not only in greeting cards, but also in calendars, mugs, key chains and bags. And serious Boofle fans lovingly squeeze a stuffed Boofle toy, and stroll around in cozy slippers with images of the knitted dog.

But the real charm of Boofle is in fact, his lively character. He can be very different. During the summers, he can be lazily basking in the hammock, and in the winter enjoy the company of his friends—a fawn and a penguin.

Depending on the mood, he can go for a joyride on his motorcycle in his leather jacket, play superman, or simply just lie around on the couch in his bathrobe.

And this is exactly why Boofle is loved by both sentimental women and tough guys, whom you never know what to get. No one will be left indifferent to the 100% love, fuzzy fur and one tiny little button, from which this character is made.