Far, far away, there is a teddy city, where the adorable bunnies and bears of Bearington live. They stroll through green fields, visit each others’ homes, sunbathe in the sun, and plant flowers in their gardens. The little ones go to “the school for little bunnies and cubs”, and the adults go to work, just like we do. They love to celebrate birthdays and other happy occasions. They dress up for the holidays, love hats, bows, aprons and boots.

This touching world of bunnies and teddy bears was created by the famous American company Bearington Collection. Each year, Bearington Collection releases a new collection of stuffed favorites in outfits of stylish colors and interesting designs. All the clothing for the bunnies and bears is made from high-quality ecologically friendly materials. The textures of the fabrics, the cuts and details of the outfits—all are made with love and add a special charm to each present.

Since 2010, Art and Design has exclusively delivered the Bearington Collection to the Russian market. Lovely bunnies and teddy bears are a wonderful gift for sentimental people with a refined taste!

Art and Design produces greeting cards, calendars and gift bags with the Bearington characters. Any product of this line, with a cute bunny or an adorable teddy bear, will, without a doubt, bring a smile to the face of a beloved daughter, touch the heart of a dear sister, or delight a girlfriend.

The gift collection Bearington not only brings happiness, it shares more—the warmth and love of your heart.