A very good day to you!
My name is Masha. I am oh so very feisty,
mischievous and fun!
I have a big and wonderful friend named Misha;
he often worries about nothing—
but that is really due to his nerves.

A super-duper cartoon about us was invented by one veeeerry creative person—Oleg Kuzokov. Since then we became real superstars on TV, the internet and every every where!

Since then, it went like this. In 2010, some brainy folks down at Art and Design started to print greeting cards with our pictures and the coolest, catchiest phrases ever! We are really quite great at sending greetings!

For every holiday and occasion we have a special text and outfit. I am soooo cute! For New Year’s, I have a scarf, for February 23rd—a tanker’s helmet; and for the 1st of September—a stylish haircut!

Seeing such gorgeousness, adults exclaimed: “Oooh, what a greeting card!”, kids shouted: “Oh wow, this is way cool!”. And the brainy folks thought: “Not enough”, -- and began to make more stuff like money holders, magnets, bags, and then, even mugs!

And not just any mugs, but real awesome gifts, with bright pictures and our cheerful texts. With this mug, you can look at me if you want to, or drink some tea, or, both!

Everything is turning out super duper for us. First year is smooth sailing. And this is just the beginning. Yes-yes!