All numbers are given for October 2016 and are growing exponentially

  • times the world can be wrapped around by greeting cards produced by Art and Design since the beginning of the company,
    if placed one after the other.
  • is the height, in centimeters, of the smallest greeting card ever produced by the company
  • average age of the employees of Art and Design
  • liters of coffee and tea drunk by members of the creative team per day
    during periods of especially intense creative activity
  • the company’s share, as a percentage, of the greeting cards market in Russia and the CIS
  • tubes of rubber glue used monthly for the creation of models in the publishing department
  • tons of cardboard used for production of greeting cards monthly.
    This is equivalent to the weight of a passenger airplane!
  • kilometers crossed daily by a regional sales representative of the company during New Year’s seasonal sales
  • people are employed in the production of paper gift bags and handmade greeting cards
  • frogs were depicted on greeting cards throughout the whole existence of the company
  • variations of texts written by a single literary editor on a monthly basis
  • words of love contained in the single longest text printed in a greeting card about love; while the shortest text consisted of a single word—“loving!”
  • orders processed daily by the warehouse during peak season
  • kilograms of glitter used annually in greeting card details
  • designs produced by the company annually
  • square centimeters is the area of the largest greeting card ever produced by Art and Design
  • Kilometers of cord used to make handles for gift bags annually. This is equal to the distance from Moscow to Mexico!
  • orders across all of Russia delivered monthly by the Art and Design Delivery Service
  • tons is the total weight of all the gift bags produced by the company during its existence. This is equal to the weight of 60000 elephants!
  • US Dollars invested in the manufacturing equipment of the Carton-Polygraph Polygraphic Plant throughout its existence.